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Philip Wilhelm von Hörnigk, "Austria over all, if she only wills it" (1684)
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[When I look who should lead Germany to cast off its economic dependence on France], [ . . . ] no one is able to do so with more confident prospect of success than his Roman Imperial Majesty, in view not only of his supreme Imperial dignity and prerogatives, but especially of his far-flung Hereditary Kingdom and Dominions so blessed by God and nature, all subject in the same dependence on a single head, all mutually contiguous and thus forming, as it were, a single body, of which the one part can out of its superfluity supply the shortages and needs of others, and is thus so amply endowed with abundance beyond all wishing of raw materials and great domestic consumption thereof that they can rightly boast, more than any other land in Europe, to constitute almost a little world in themselves and to be supplied, without help from abroad, not only with necessaries but with luxuries, if only assisted with the right institutions. [ . . . ]

Chapter VI

[The development of these lands into an economic autarky is the more necessary because of the changed political situation]

[ . . . ] A hundred years ago, when pressed by the Turks and others, our forefathers could still rely on the Roman Empire and its other Princes. But in our days, the guile of France has thrown all into such confusion that man can place his confidence only in God and in himself, and hardly anyone will give another the smallest neighborly help, unless it is also in his own interest, without payment in cash. Therefore every man is well advised to look to himself. For he fares well who in time of need has money in his own purse, let him who has it not at once resolve to be the abject servant, not only of the enemy but of friends and helpers. Against such misfortune Austria can at any time guard herself, if she but will, with a third of the money that now goes out of the country, mostly to France, for quite unnecessary things.

[ . . . ]

Chapter IX

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