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"Edict on Communal Affairs," issued by King Maximilian I, cosigned by Ministers Montgelas, Hompesch, and Morawitzky (September 24, 1808)

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Chapter 2. Of the obligations of the communities.

§ 32. The obligations of every community lie either in the communal purposes, and are general and necessary – or they are merely accidental and have grown from special legal grounds.

Title One. Of the necessary obligations.

§ 33. The purpose of society imposes two kinds of obligations on the communities: – in part those they must fulfill as members of the entire body of the state, – in part those that lie within their own social association.

§ 34. As parts of the state, the communities must share in all burdens of the state, and in particular, they must submit to the tax rates determined by general regulations, or distributed by the authorized agencies of the state, either to the entire state or individual parts thereof.

§ 35. As individual societies they are obligated:

1) to generate, supplement, and preserve the first class of common good, which is indispensable for the public welfare;

2) to preserve the community wealth that is earmarked to pay for the community’s needs;

3) to maintain the personnel necessary for regulatory oversight and administration.

Second Title. Of the incidental obligations.

§ 36 Apart from these general obligations, the communities can be obligated:

1) by contract and taking out a loan;

2) through the use of a thing for the common good;

3) by damage done, or by a criminal act that is attributed to the entire community.

§ 37. Liable for these obligations are the community’s assets that can be sold without violating the social purpose. [ . . . ]

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