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"Constitution of the Kingdom of Bavaria," issued by King Maximilian I, cosigned by Ministers Montgelas, Hompesch, and Morawitzky (May 25, 1808)

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§ XI. The regulation of the civil service issued on October 20, 1804, concerning the inalienability of state-owned estates is confirmed; however, it shall be up to the King to use, for rewarding great and specific services rendered to the state, particularly fiefs reverting in the future or newly acquired demesnes of the state, which thereupon immediately take on the nature of royal masculine fiefs and toward which one cannot grant any future entitlement. [ . . . ]

Third Title. On the Administration of the Kingdom.

[ . . . ]

§ III. [ . . . ] The posts in the general assembly are conferred by the King for life: They are elected from among those 400 landowners, merchants, or manufacturers of the district who pay the highest land tax, at a ratio of 1 to 1,000 inhabitants, convening whenever the election of a representative takes place or whenever the monarch orders it. [ . . . ]

§ VII. All administrative officials starting with the acting councilor are subject to the regulations of the Main Decrees dated January 1, 1805, and June 8, 1807; however, all of those to be appointed in future will be considered acting civil servants only if they have held an office that entails such a right for six years without interruption. [ . . . ]

Fourth Title. On the National Representation.

§ I. In each district, the delegates will elect, from among those 200 landowners, merchants, or manufacturers paying the highest land tax, seven members who together comprise the kingdom’s assembly. [ . . . ]

Fifth Title. On the Judiciary.

[ . . . ]

§ VII. For the entire Kingdom, a separate civil and penal code shall be introduced. [ . . . ]

Sixth Title. On the Military Profession.

[ . . . ]

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