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The "Youngest Recess" [jüngster Reichsabschied] of the Imperial Diet of the Holy Roman Empire in 1654 (May 17, 1654)

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§ 179. And if the circle colonel should fail to carry out his duties with the due attentiveness and consideration, then the deputies and subordinates shall be bound to do it. Those circle colonels who call for and receive aid will be directors of the aid sent, nonetheless, they are not empowered to undertake anything major without the notification, consultation, and acquiescence of the circle colonels, deputies, and subordinates who have come to their aid.

§ 180. And the aim of this very important resolution is the general welfare and the continued state of peace in the Holy Empire, from which no elector or estate, nor their subjects are to be exempt. Therefore, in the event that someone resists the aforementioned order and desires to attempt to file against it some kind of lawsuit before our Imperial Aulic Council [Reichshofrat] or Imperial Chamber Court [Kaiserliches Kammergericht], such a suit is absolutely not to be heard, and instead, the suitor is to be directed to comply with the order, [ . . . ] all electors, estates, subjects, and citizens are to helpfully contribute by obediently making themselves available to their territorial rulers, lords, and authorities for the occupation and maintenance of any imperial fortress, place, or garrison as needed.

§ 181. However, at this time we leave it to the electors and the estates in each circle to determine how large the necessary force should be (as the aforementioned past resolutions and orders contained particular numbers and instructions).

§ 182. If some circle, which is located close to the danger, wants to raise a greater force than the quota mandated by the order, then that circle will not be obliged to provide aid beyond its dutiful portion.

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