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The "Youngest Recess" [jüngster Reichsabschied] of the Imperial Diet of the Holy Roman Empire in 1654 (May 17, 1654)

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§ 183. In the negotiations within the circles regarding the forces associated with this order, the majority shall always rule, and the fewer voices shall be obliged to yield to the more numerous.

§ 184. Various estates, especially the Imperial Cities, do not want to agree to the indicated numbers until their contingent inquiry into the matter of adjusting their imperial tax assessment has been adjudicated. So that the necessary forces are not hindered by this, all possible efforts should be applied so that those inquiries (which are complaining of this necessary work) can be discussed by the first of September. Meanwhile, they shall be obliged to contribute according to the old imperial tax assessment.

§ 185. At this Imperial Diet, there was discussion about whether and how the aforementioned order could be improved and established in a more perfect way in keeping with the current state of the Holy Empire, especially how to maintain the parity in defensive forces in the mixed circles with different religions, as desired by those on the side of the Augsburg Confession. However, because there was not enough time to reach a resolution this time, every such circle should meet especially as soon as possible (and before this September), consider the urgency, and reach a consensus on a good solution. On the basis of their communication among themselves, they should send their solution first to us, as their overlord, and then also to our dear nephew, the elector of Mainz. Then it may be further considered, completely resolved, and recorded in an Imperial Resolution at the next Imperial Deputation or Imperial Diet, regarding which a message will follow hereafter.

Original source: Aller des Heiligen Römischen Reichs gehaltener Reichstäge Abschiede und Satzungen, sambt andern Kayserlichen und Königlichen Constitutionen (. . . ) [All of the Resolutions and Statues of the Imperial Diet of the Holy Roman Empire, together with other Imperial and Royal Constitutions ( . . . )]. Mainz, 1654, pp. 55-101.

Source of German translation: Der jüngste Reichsabschied von 1654. Abschied der Römisch Kaiserlichen Majestät und gemeiner Stände, welcher auf dem Reichstag zu Regensburg im Jahr Christi 1654 aufgerichtet ist [The Most Recent Imperial Resolution of 1654. Resolution of the Roman Imperial Majesty, and of all the Estates, Reached at the Imperial Diet in Regensburg in the Year 1654]. Edited by Adolf Laufs. Bern und Frankfurt a. M.: Lang, 1975, S. 86-89; reprinted in Helmut Neuhaus, ed., Zeitalter des Absolutismus 1648-1789 [Age of Absolutism, 1648-1789]. Deutsche Geschichte in Quellen und Darstellung, edited by Rainer A. Müller, vol. 5. Stuttgart: P. Reclam, 1997, pp. 35-42.

Translation from German to English: Benjamin Marschke

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