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On the Road to Socialist Economic Integration? (1974)

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Article IV
Recommendations and Decisions

1. Recommendations shall be taken in matters of economic and scientific-technical cooperation. The recommendations will be given to the Council’s member countries for discussion.

The implementation of the recommendations adopted by them shall be carried out by the member countries of the Council, based on decisions made by the governments or the responsible organs of these countries, in accordance with their legislation.

2. Decisions shall be made on matters of organization and procedure. Decisions go into effect the day the session minutes are signed by the corresponding Council organs, insofar as they do not provide for anything else or result in anything else on the basis of their character.

3. All recommendations and decisions shall be adopted by the Council only with the agreement of the interested member countries of the Council, whereby each country has the right to declare its interest in any issue taken up by the Council.

Recommendations and decisions do not apply to countries that have declared their lack of interest in the respective question. Every one of these countries, however, can subsequently endorse recommendations and decisions adopted by the other member countries of the Council.

Article V

1. In order to implement the functions and authority named in Article III of the present charter, the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance has the following main organs:

the Session of the Council

the Executive Committee of the Council

the Committees of the Council

the Standing Commissions of the Council

the Secretariat of the Council

2. Other organs deemed necessary can be formed in agreement with this charter.

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