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On the Road to Socialist Economic Integration? (1974)

COMECON only adopted a charter in 1959, ten years after its founding. The amendments passed in 1962 and 1974 reflected the targeted political and economic expansion of the organization’s functions and marked important developmental phases in its history. The 1974 charter not only confirmed the establishment of new COMECON bodies, but also bestowed upon them the right to sign treaties with third-party states and international organizations.

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Charter of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance
(With the amendments corresponding to the protocol of June 21, 1974)

The governments of the People’s Republic of Albania, the People’s Republic of Bulgaria, the Hungarian People’s Republic, the German Democratic Republic, the People’s Republic of Poland, the Romanian People’s Republic, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and the Czechoslovak Republic,

in consideration [of the fact] that the successfully implemented economic cooperation among their countries is contributing to the most efficient development of their national economies, to the elevation of the standard of living of the people, and to the reinforcement of their countries’ unity and cohesion;

filled with determination to continue developing this comprehensive economic cooperation on the basis of the consistent implementation of the international socialist division of labor in the interests of building socialism and communism in their countries and ensuring a lasting peace throughout the world;

convinced that the development of economic cooperation among their countries contributes to achieving the aims laid down in the charter of the United Nations;

in confirmation of their readiness to develop economic relations with all countries, irrespective of their social and state systems, on the basis of equality, mutual benefit, and non-intervention in internal affairs;

in acknowledgment of the constantly growing role of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance in the organization of economic cooperation among their countries,

are agreed in accepting the present charter for this purpose.

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