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Images - Politics II: Parties and Political Mobilization
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11.   "The Socialist Jack in the Box" (September 28, 1878)
Despite his military outfit and strenuous exertions, Bismarck is unable to wrestle the bogey-man of socialism into the box. This cartoon from the British satirical magazine Punch appeared....
12.   Socialist Law (October 21, 1878)
This facsimile of the first page of the Reich Law Gazette (October 22, 1878, p. 351 ff., no. 34) documents the first two paragraphs of the Socialist Law. The law was initially set to expire....
Socialist Law (October 21, 1878)
13.   "For the Committee Debating the Socialist Law" (1884)
Liberals’ scruples about the Socialist Law led them to insist that the law be renewed periodically. Each time it was, Bismarck had to ensure that any qualms about the fairness and efficacy of the....
14.   Socialist "Conspirators" (1879)
This contemporary woodcut accurately conveys the need for secrecy and trust among comrades as Social Democrats battled the provisions of the Socialist Law between 1878 and 1890.
15.   Socialist Leaders Are Discovered by Police (c. 1890)
Not long before the Socialist Law expired on September 30, 1890, police were still doing their best to discover and break up clandestine meetings of Social Democratic leaders, as depicted in this....
Socialist Leaders Are Discovered by Police (c. 1890)
16.   A Comrade’s "Safe-Conduct" Papers (February 14, 1885)
In Germany, personal identity papers are called an Ausweis to this day. This facsimile shows a “counter”-Ausweis, issued not by state authorities but by the leadership of the outlawed....
A Comrade’s "Safe-Conduct" Papers (February 14, 1885)
17.   Robert Koehler, The Socialist [Der Sozialist] (1885)
This is said to be the first portrait of a working-class political agitator. The aggressive posture and evident vehemence of this Social Democratic orator are highlighted by the red tablecloth at....
Robert Koehler, <i>The Socialist</i> [<i>Der Sozialist</i>] (1885)
18.   Robert Koehler, The Strike [Der Streik] (1886)
Artist Robert Koehler (1850-1917) painted this scene in Munich. When it was exhibited in the U.S. in the spring of 1886 it created a sensation. One senses immediately that the confrontation between....
Robert Koehler, <i>The Strike</i> [<i>Der Streik</i>] (1886)
19.   A Socialist Pipe (1878)
“We hoot at the law!” These words are emblazoned on the banner held by this Socialist figure, who is unbowed by the Socialist Law. The Braunschweiger Volksfreund, a Socialist newspaper, used....
A Socialist Pipe (1878)
20.   Socialist "Revenge..." (1888)
This painted wool banner marked the tenth anniversary of the Socialist Law for faithful Socialists in Berlin. It calls for “revenge” against those who had prosecuted and otherwise intimidated members....
Socialist "Revenge..." (1888)
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