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Stenographic Report of a Portion of the Interministerial Meeting at the Reich Aviation Ministry [Reichsluftfahrtministerium] (November 12, 1938)

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Goering: The second point is this. If, in the near future, the German Reich should come into conflict with foreign powers, it goes without saying that we in Germany should, first of all, let it come to a showdown with the Jews. Besides that, the Fuehrer shall now make an attempt with those foreign powers who have brought the Jewish question up, in order to solve the Madagascar project. He has explained it all to me on 9 November. There is no other way. He’ll tell the other countries. “What are you talking about the Jew for? – Take him!” Another proposal may be made. The Jews, gotten rid of, may buy territory for the “coreligionists” in North America, Canada or elsewhere.

I wish to summarize: The Minister of Economic Affairs shall direct the committee and he shall in one form or another, take all steps necessary within the next few days.

Blerning: I fear that during the next few days, beginning Monday, the Jews will start to sell bonds on internal loans for hundreds of thousands, in order to provide themselves with means. Since we hold the course of the internal loan in order to sell more bonds, the Reich-Treasury, Loan-Committee or the Reich Minister for Finance should have to back this internal loan.

Goering: In what way could the Jew bring his bonds on the market?

(Remark: “Sell them”)

To whom?

(Remark: “on the stock market – he orders a bank to do it.”)

Well, I’ll prohibit selling internal loan bonds for three days.

Blerning: That could be done only through a decree.

Goering: I can’t see any advantage for the Jew. He won’t know himself how and he’ll have to pay. On the contrary, I believe he won’t move.

Goebbels: For the time being he is small and ugly and stays at home.

Goering: I don’t think it would be logical. Otherwise we’ll have to do it. The reason why I want this decree in a hurry is that for the time being we have peace but who can guarantee that there won’t be new trouble by Saturday or Sunday. Once and for all I want to eliminate individual acts. The Reich has taken the affairs in its own hand. The Jew can only sell. He can’t do a thing. He’ll have to pay. At this moment, the individual Jew won’t think of throwing anything on the market. There’ll be some chatter first, and then they will begin to run to us. They’ll look for those great Aryans with whom they’ll think they may have some luck, the so-called various mail-boxes of the Reich with whom they can lodge their protests. These people will run my door in. All that takes some time, and by then we’ll be ready.

Daluege: May we issue the order for confiscating the cars?

Goering: Also the Ministry of the Interior and the Police will have to think over, what measures will have to be taken. I thank you.

[Conference concluded at 2.40 PM]

Source of English translation: Stenographic Report of the Meeting on “the Jewish Question” under the Chairmanship of Field Marshall Goering in the Reichs Air Force (12 November 1938 – 11 o’clock), in United States Chief Counsel for the Prosecution of Axis Criminality, Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, Volume IV. Washington, DC: United States Government Printing Office, 1946, Document 1816-PS, pp. 425-57. [Bracketed portions were missing from original translation and were added by GHI staff.]

Source of original German text: Stenographische Niederschrift (Teilübertragung) der Besprechung über die Judenfrage bei Göring am 12. November 1938: Ausschaltung der Juden aus der deutschen Wirtschaft; Beschlagnahme der Versicherungsgelder für den bei Juden am 10. November angerichteten Schaden; und andere judenfeindliche Massnahmen (Beweisstück US-261), in Der Prozess gegen die Hauptkriegsverbrecher vor dem Internationalen Militärgerichtshof. Nürnberg 14. November 1945 - 1. Oktober 1946. Volume XXVIII, Amtlicher Text – Deutsche Ausgabe, Urkunden und anderes Beweismaterial. Nuremberg 1948. Reprint: Munich, Delphin Verlag, 1989. Document 1816-PS, pp. 499-540.

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