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Excerpt from Himmler’s Speech to the SS-Gruppenführer at Posen (October 4, 1943)

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The Future

When the war is won, – then, as I have already told you, our work will start. We do not know when the war will end. It may be sudden, or it may be long delayed. We shall see. But I say to you now, if an armistice and peace comes suddenly, let no one think that he can then sleep the sleep of the just. Get all your Commanders, Chiefs and SS-Führers attuned to this; only then, gentlemen, shall we be awake, for then, so many others will fall into this sleep. I am going to rouse the whole SS, and keep it so wide awake that we can tackle reconstruction in Germany immediately. Then Germanic work will be begun immediately in the General-SS, for then the harvest will be ripe to be taken into the granary. We shall then draft age-groups through law. We shall then immediately put all our Waffen-SS units into excellent form, both as regards equipment and training. We shall go on working in this first 6 months after the war, as though the big offensive were starting the next day. It will make all the difference if Germany has an operative reserve, an operative backing, at the peace or armistice negotiations, of 20, 25 or 30 SS-divisions intact.

If the peace is a final one, we shall be able to tackle our great work of the future. We shall colonize. We shall indoctrinate our boys with the laws of the SS-organization. I consider it to be absolutely necessary to the life of our peoples that we should not only impart the meaning of ancestry, grandchildren and future, but feel these things to be part of our being. Without there being any talk about it, without our needing to make use of rewards and similar material things, it must be a matter of course that we have children. It must be a matter or course that the most copious breeding should be from this racial super-stratum of the German people. In 20 to 30 years we must really be able to present the whole of Europe with its leading class. If the SS, together with the farmers, – together with our friend [Herbert] Backe – run the colony in the East on a grand scale, without any restraint, without any question of tradition but with nerve and revolutionary impetus, then we shall in 20 years push the national boundary [Volkstumsgrenze] 5000 kilometers eastwards.

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