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"Homolulu – Dance on the Volcano" in Frankfurt am Main (1979)

In 1977, the National Study Group on Repression against Homosexuals [Nationaler Arbeitskreis Repression gegen Schwule or NARGS] was founded in Hamburg during an annual spring meeting of homosexuals. The group’s goal was to document and publicize repression against homosexuals and thereby increase awareness of their plight among the political left. In 1978, the Third International Russell Tribunal on Civil Liberties took place in Frankfurt. There, a ban imposed by the city of Aachen on a local gay group was discussed only in terms of censorship, not as an act of repression against homosexuals. From that point on, the gay movement started focusing on organizing independently. Pictured here is the festival “Homolulu – Dance on the Volcano,” a national meeting of gay groups held in Frankfurt am Main from July 23-29, 1979. Photograph by Abisag Tüllmann.

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© Bildarchiv Preußischer Kulturbesitz / Abisag Tüllmann