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Introduction of the Excise Tax in the Towns of Brandenburg (April 15, 1667)

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1. Locally brewed beer
Per 3 sacks: 3 thaler
Per sack: 1 thaler
Per bushel*, where brewing is done by the bushel: 2 groschen

2. Foreign beers, such as Zerbster, Brühau, Mumme, etc.
Per cask of 3 tuns: 1 thaler 12 groschen
Per tun: 12 groschen

3. Foreign wines, Alicante, Malvoisie, mead, or other heavy wines imported for consumption
Per firkin**: 2 thaler
Rhine wine, per firkin: 1 thaler
Franconian or French wines, imported for consumption, per firkin: 1 thaler 6 groschen

4. Local wines
Local wines pressed on the spot or dispatched from the country into a town, per tun (to be paid by the buyer): 6 groschen
The same wine drawn from the cask: 9 groschen
Foreign wines such as Guben or Meissen wines, per tun: 10 groschen

5. Brandy
Home-distilled, per quart: 6 groschen
Rhenish, Polish, and other foreign brandy, per quart: 9 groschen

6. Flour
Per bushel of wheat: 2 groschen
Per long ton***: 2 thaler
Per bushel of rye: 1 groschen
Per long ton of rye: 1 thaler

7. Meat slaughtered in a public slaughterhouse
Per ox so slaughtered and exposed for sale by the butcher: 1 thaler
Per cow: 15 groschen
Per hog: 6 groschen
Per sheep: 2 groschen
Per calf: 2 groschen
Young lamb or goat: 1 groschen

* The Prussian “bushel” was, strictly, 54.96 liters, and thus about 1 1/2 English bushels.
** Eimer.
*** Winspel: 1 Winspel = 24 Scheffel = 36 bushels.

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