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The Turkish Defeat at Vienna (September 12, 1683)

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Their Majesties being on Horse-back, complimented each other upon the Victory, which the one attributed to the other; the King of Poland had the greatest share of the glory of this day which he best deserved: for he may be truly stiled one of the Greatest Kings of Christendom, and the most Valiant. After half an hours Conversation, the Emperour was desired by the King of Poland to see his Army, which he accepted of, and was conducted by his Great Mareshal. In effect never any thing could be seen more Great and Heroick than the Four thousand Hussars, who were all well-armed with Coats of Male, and all the rest of the Army very bravely accoutred. Having viewed the whole Polish Army, the Great Mareshal commanded the said Hussars to make the Course which they are used to make when they go to invest the Enemy, wherewith His Imperial Majesty was highly pleased.

Afterwards His Imperial Majesty returned to Court, where we learn every hour so many particulars of this happy Success, that the Victory and the Loss which the Enemy has suffered, is greater than can be imagined.

We have taken all the Tents of the Enemy, about One hundred and twenty Great Guns, all their Baggage, and a very great Quantity of Ammunition.

It is confirmed likewise, That the King of Poland, has (besides the Tent of the Grand Visier) his Horses with their rich Harness. It is also said, That besides all the Treasure in Silver, which was designed for the payment of the Ottoman Army, there were two Cabinets with Jewels; so that the Booty was so great, that it is not well to be express’d.

Last Night Forty Janizaries having saved themselves upon the Battlements which are call’d Pavillions, with a great number of Christian Children of both Sexes, whom they had made Slaves, and the Poles having summoned them to surrender, they begg’d that they might be received into the Janizary Guards of the King of Poland, and unless that might be granted, they would kill the Children and defend themselves to the man: Whereupon the King of Poland granted their request.

Yesterday the King of Poland began to march in pursuit of the Turks, and was to be this Night at Wischa. Our Army is to follow too Morrow. One Part is already past the Danube in quest of the Rebels.

His Imperial Majesty makes account too morrow to return to Lintz.

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