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The Brandenburg Recess: Resolutions agreed to by Frederick William ("the Great Elector") and the Brandenburg Estates in the Recess of July 26, 1653 (1653)

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Art. 63. Sixty-thirdly. Whereas Our obedient Estates have most submissively represented that Our Land is now sufficiently provided with all currency at present needful, and that there is no shortage any more, We will stop the mint next Michaelmas, unless it should have been forced to stop before for technical causes and the full quota not minted, in which case minting must go on up to the end of October. But at the end of February of the coming year, 1654, We will again call together a Committee of Our obedient Estates, most graciously listen to their proposals and submissive representations, and give them satisfaction, and also take the appropriate decisions and give the orders how the issue of currency in Our Lands is best to be regulated.

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[Art. 64 deals with the case of travelers who enter the country by certain routes to avoid paying customs at the regular place of entry. Art. 65: The Estates have asked for the abolition of the new duties on corn introduced by Sweden during the Thirty Years’ War. The Elector quotes back at them, as justification for maintaining it, an old edict to the same effect issued by the Emperor Frederick III in 1456. He promises, however, not to increase the tax, unless on the new Oder-Spree canal then under construction; he reserves his right to levy any dues he wishes on this canal, when completed. Arts. 66 and 67 are of local interest. In Art. 68 the Elector promises not to extend his hunting rights in the Altmark at the expense of those of the Estates. “Subjects” are not to be impressed into service at wolf hunts, but are to be encouraged to assist in them. Those whose duty obliges them to help in such hunts will be treated “civilly” and not kept overlong at the task. Art. 69: The preparation of saltpeter is prohibited; the nitrous earth is to be buried in peasant farms.

With Art. 70 we return to politics, and miscellanea. Art. 70: nobles and Knights of the Neumark are entitled to signed themselves “Edler von.”]

Art. 71. Seventy-firstly, in respect of the memorial presented to Us by Our loyal Estates concerning the appointment of a Regent [Statthalter, i.e., during the Elector’s absence from the country], all We know is that during the whole period of Our reign, so often as We have had occasion to leave the country, We have always made dispositions satisfactory to Our loyal Estates, and We again graciously offer to make such gracious dispositions in similar cases that the Estates shall have no cause for complaint.

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