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Bavarian Edict on "the Establishment of a Gendarmerie" (October 11, 1812)

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Art. 14. In the first nomination, all captains and lieutenants should, if possible, be chosen from the class of those qualified who have served no fewer than four years among the line troops, and most recently without blemish in the same or immediately preceding rank, and who are neither under 25 nor over 50 years of age, healthy, and completely able-bodied.

Art. 15. The legion commanders, in particular, must have served six years and most recently as staff officers in the army in active service.

Art. 16. The general commanding the corps will be chosen at all times from the class of the most deserving higher officers of the army or from among the legion commanders.

[ . . . ]

Art. 19. No persons must be accepted as subaltern officers and common troops in the gendarmerie other than those who have served at least six years in the army, have been on at least one campaign, and who have been honorably discharged; in particular, however, the mounted gendarmerie must have spent the six years of military service in the cavalry; incidentally, a gendarme must not be under 25 or over 40 years of age, must be able to read and write well, and must measure at least 5 foot 4 inches. [ . . . ]

XIII. Regular service of the gendarmerie

Art. 121. The gendarmerie collects everywhere the reports about crimes that have been committed and brings them before the competent police and judicial authorities.

Art. 122. It arrests vagrants, highwaymen, arsonists, and murderers, individually and when they congregate in gangs, and in general all criminals who are caught in the act, and all those who are publicly wanted for crimes they have committed, to which end the officers of the court and the police provide it with descriptions of the same.

Art. 123. It also arrests those who fall under suspicion of a crime by carrying bloody weapons, possessing stolen or robbed items, or by other sure indications.

Art. 124. It arrests the violators of forest and field, poachers, and armed customs and toll cheaters, but only if they catch them in the act.

Art. 125. It prevents and breaks up every unauthorized crowd, though it must behave in accordance with the regulations spelled out below.

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