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"Constitution of the Kingdom of Westphalia," proclaimed by Napoleon Bonaparte in Fontainebleau (November 15, 1807)

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Its contingent shall be comprised of 25,000 men on actual active duty from each branch, namely of 20,000 infantry, 3,500 cavalry, and 1,500 artillery.

During the first years, only 10,000 infantry, 2,000 cavalry, and 500 artillery shall be paid; the remaining 12,500 shall be provided by France and constitute the garrison of Magdeburg. These 12,500 men shall be paid, sustained, and clothed by the King of Westphalia.

Title 3.

Art. 6. The Kingdom of Westphalia shall be hereditary in the direct, natural, and legitimate male line of Prince Jerome Napoleon according to the order of primogeniture and with perpetual exclusion of the females and their descendants. [ . . . ]

Art. 7. In anything that relates to them personally, the King of Westphalia and his family are subject to the decrees of the statutes of the imperial family. [ . . . ]

Title 4.

Art. 10. The Kingdom of Westphalia shall be governed according to such basic laws as determine the equality of all subjects before the law as well as the free exercise of worship specific to the various religious societies.

Art. 11. Both the general and the provincial estates of the states comprising the kingdom as well as all political corporations of this sort and all privileges of these corporations, cities, and provinces are abolished.

Art. 12. In the same way, all privileges of individual persons and families are, insofar as they are incompatible with the stipulations of the above article, abolished.

Art. 13. Any serfdom, whatever the nature or name of it may be, is abolished, so that all inhabitants of the kingdom shall enjoy the same rights. [ . . . ]

Art. 16. The taxation system shall be the same for all parts of the kingdom. The land tax shall not be allowed to exceed one fifth of the revenue generated by the lands.

Art. 17. The coinage system and the system of weights and measures that currently exist in France shall be introduced in the entire kingdom. [ . . . ]

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