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Control Council Directive No. 38 (October 12, 1946)

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(i) In Berlin the Allied Kommandatura will have the responsibility for implementing the principles and provisions of this Directive and will issue such regulations and orders as are required for that purpose. Whatever discretion in the implementation of this Directive is left to Zone Commanders Will be exercised by the Allied Kommandatura in Berlin.
(j) Apart from the categories and sanctions set forth in Part II of this Directive, persons who committed war crimes or crimes against peace or humanity as defined in Control Council Law No. 10, will be dealt with under the provisions and procedures prescribed by that Law.


Groups of Persons Responsible

In order to make a just determination of responsibility and to provide for imposition (except in the case of 5 below) of sanctions the following groupings of persons shall be made:
1. Major offenders;
2. Offenders (activists, militarists, and profiteers);
3. Lesser offenders (probationers);
5. Persons exonerated. (Those included in the above categories who can prove themselves not guilty before a tribunal.)

Major Offenders

Major Offenders are:
1. Anyone who, out of political motives, committed crimes against victims or opponents of national socialism;
2. Anyone who, in Germany or in the occupied areas, treated foreign civilians or Prisoners of War contrary to International Law;

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