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Wrangling for Authority (January 26, 1976)

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Section 5
Comprehensive Universities

(1) In order to achieve the objectives outlined in Section 4, subsection 3, the different types of institutions of higher education shall be brought together in a new system of higher education. Colleges shall be expanded into comprehensive universities or merged (integrated comprehensive universities), or they shall be combined (while retaining their legal autonomy) into comprehensive universities (cooperative comprehensive universities) through the establishment of joint bodies. In cases where it is not (or not yet) possible to establish comprehensive universities, cooperation between institutions shall be assured.

(2) When establishing a comprehensive university, care shall be taken to ensure that its structure, disciplinary offerings, size, and physical layout enable it to fulfill its task effectively and to offer students a range of courses consistent with the requirements of Section 4, subsection 3, nos. 1-3.

(3) In planning and building new institutions of higher education, the principles outlined in subsections 1 and 2 shall apply accordingly.

Part 2
Studies and Teaching

[ . . . ]

Section 7
Purpose of Studies

Teaching and studies should prepare students for a field of professional activity and impart the requisite specialized knowledge, skills, and methods associated with each course of study in a way that enables them to perform scientific or artistic work and to act responsibly in a free, democratic, and social state governed by the rule of law.

Section 8
Reform of Higher Education

(1) Institutions of higher education shall have the permanent task, in cooperation with the responsible government authorities, of reviewing and developing the content and structure of courses of study in light of developments in the arts and sciences, practical professional requirements, and necessary changes in the various professions. The higher education reform shall guarantee that:

1. the content of the [various] courses of study offers students broad career options in a changing professional world;
2. the forms assumed by teaching and studies correspond to developments in methodology and didactics;
3. students are able to engage with course content in an independent and systematic manner and that they are able to recognize its practical application;
4. equivalent degrees have comparable standards, and that students continue to have the option of transferring between institutions of higher education.

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