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Socialist Education (February 25, 1965)

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The uniform socialist education system shall from now on correspond to the demands of the comprehensive build-up of socialism in harmony with the outlook of our society. Our priority is to link school and life even more closely. The curriculum is to be adjusted to reflect the newest discoveries in science, technology, and culture. A practical socialist education, focused on career training, needs to be guaranteed. The individual elements of the education system must be connected, in terms of both content and structure, in such a way that they form a uniform, coordinated whole.

It will thus be possible to continue to raise the scientific standard of education and instruction at all levels of the uniform socialist education system and to further improve the effectiveness of the entire system of education through an ongoing process of education and instruction. The educational policies of our socialist state will then be continued in a consistent manner on a higher level.

The accomplishments of the German Democratic Republic in the field of education and its ongoing systematic enhancement of education are a national achievement that stands as a model for all of Germany. The socialist education system of the German Democratic Republic is an entire historical epoch ahead of the education system in West Germany.

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With its practical, democratic, and humanistic approach to education, the uniform socialist education system sets new standards for the entire German nation.

It provides new impetuses for the great movement toward education among the entire people. Millions of people are earning qualifications and achieving a higher level of education. By working while they learn and learning while they work, they have embarked upon the path to an educated, socialist nation.

The uniform socialist education system allows the socialist state, which is based on the development of socialist democracy, to play a leading role in cultural education. The goals of the uniform socialist education system concern the entire people. Kindergarten teachers, teachers at general polytechnic secondary schools, vocational and technical school teachers, professors at institutions of higher learning, the directors, master craftsmen, and instructors in factories, parents and the family (which are assigned a new moral and educational role in socialism), social organizations, and all societal forces work toward these goals.

The implementation of the uniform socialist education system, along with the meeting of all scientific, organizational, and economic prerequisites, must be carried out methodically and incrementally. In the course of this implementation, the continuity of educational and instructional processes must be preserved.

The solution to this historic task is made possible by the accomplishments of all workers. It requires the efforts of all organs of the state and the economy and of all societal forces.

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