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The Restrictive Immigration Policy of the Kohl Government (May 6, 1983)

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• In order to prevent illegal residency and illegal employment, additional control measures shall be taken. Further measures to prevent illegal entry and, to the extent necessary, the expansion of the general visa requirement for citizens of additional countries shall be reviewed or adopted.

• The residence permit requirement – subject to the controversial opinions on the regulation of the subsequent immigration of children of previous immigrants – shall be expanded to apply to children under sixteen years of age. There shall be a newly established legal obligation to accompany underage children illegally residing in federal territory on their return to their home countries.

• A residence permit shall be extended only if the means of subsistence are secured, a proper and adequate residence exists, and no substantial violations of German law have been committed.

• Additional measures to combat extremism among foreigners shall be taken, such as, for example, a ban on political activity in individual cases, travel restrictions, and termination of residence.

No consensus was reached on the following points, among others:

• Regulation of the subsequent immigration of children of non-EU resident aliens in Germany.

[ . . . ]

• Regulation of the subsequent immigration of spouses of second- and later-generation resident aliens from non-EU countries.

[ . . . ]

• Making the consolidation of residence [Aufenthaltsverfestigung] dependent on the attainment of integrational benchmarks and on making the renewal of the resident permit and the subsequent immigration of family members dependent on the verification of the existence of a proper and adequate residence.

• Making naturalization easier and on applying sanctions if the option of simplified naturalization is not taken advantage of.

• The length of time for which a work permit is withheld from asylum seekers.

Part of the commission wants the waiting period for the issuance of a work permit to be extended to the length of the entire validation process.

• Granting a return option to aliens who do not make use of repatriation assistance.

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Source: “Die Situation der Ausländer in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland von 1955 bis 1983” [“The Situation of Foreigners in the Federal Republic of Germany from 1955 to 1983”], in Michael Bechtel and Birgit Mentzel-Buchner, Ausländer. Themen für Lokaljournalisten [Foreigners. Themes for Local Jounalists]. Bonn, 1983, p. 36 ff.

Translation: Allison Brown

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