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Anglo-German Treaty [Heligoland-Zanzibar Treaty] (July 1, 1890)

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2. The German government shall grant natives of the ceded territory the right to choose British citizenship by a declaration to be made by themselves or, in the case of underage children, by their parents or guardians before January 1, 1892.

3. Natives of the ceded territory and their children born before the day on which this treaty is signed shall be exempt from compulsory military service in the German army and navy.

4. The currently valid local laws and practices will remain unchanged wherever possible.

5. The German government agrees not to raise, until January 1, 1910, the customs tariffs currently in force in the ceded territory.

6. All property rights acquired by individuals or existing corporations in Heligoland under the British government shall remain intact. Any obligations linked to these shall pass to His Majesty the Emperor of Germany. The term “property rights” includes Lloyd’s signaling rights.

7. The rights of British fishermen shall remain unaffected, including the right to anchor in all weather, take on provisions and water, make repairs, transship goods, sell fish, land and dry nets.

Berlin, July 1, 1890

von Caprivi
R. Krauel
Edward B. Malet
H. Percy Anderson

Source: Das Staatsarchiv, Sammlung der offiziellen Aktenstücke zur Geschichte der Gegenwart [The State Archive, Collection of Official Documents Relating to Contemporary History]. Leipzig, Verlag von Duncker & Humblot, 1891, vol. 51, p. 151.

Translation: Adam Blauhut

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