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How Metalworkers c. 1910 viewed their Work (1912)
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A thirty-two year-old tool-maker [Werkzeugschlosser]; 9 3/4 hours, 36 marks: "The work as such gives me a lot of pleasure. I even believe that I need it to keep my balance. But that is not the case when I have to continuously perform monotonous work. If that happens, the lack of enthusiasm can grow to the point of disgust. During times when I was entirely preoccupied with plans about a future state, the realization that my handiwork was socially unimportant caused me to think little of my work, which naturally also caused my interest in it to flag. Today, my gainful work has once again become the source of my livelihood, and I am ashamed if I feel a lack of interest."

A thirty-three year-old smith; 9 1/2 hours, 35 marks: "I have come to terms with work in so far as I know all cultural progress is based only on work, and that mine is just as valuable as any other."

A thirty-four year-old mechanic; 8 hours, 36 marks: "On the whole my work gives me pleasure. Of course, there are also jobs where the interest is not so great, because they demand little skill and thinking. In those cases you have to take consolation in the fact that this work has to be done, and that the next job will be better."

A thirty-five year-old iron turner; 8 hours, 40 marks: "My work gives me no pleasure, since I am always plagued by the thought that I am only being paid enough to keep up my physical energy. I am therefore a slave. Consequently, I lose interest in the work."

A thirty-six year-old lathe operator; 10 hours, 32 marks: "Yes, as long as I don't think about who I am working for and that my payment is merely compensation. I would like to work only for the general public."

A thirty-seven year-old metalworker; 9 1/2 hours, 27 marks: "If I want to support my family honestly, I have to take pleasure in work, because I get more done if I do."

A thirty-eight year-old scissors-grinder; 10 hours, 28 marks: "It isn't really very enjoyable, but at times one does have a certain pleasure in work if the factory owner treats you nicely."

A thirty-nine year-old lathe operator; 9 1/2 hours, 30 marks: "I am interested in the work, but it long ceased to be enjoyable if one has to watch how weak colleagues are harassed by inferior masters."

A forty year-old metal grinder; 9 1/2 hours, 30 marks: "My work gives me no pleasure, and every day is wasted and becomes a hellish torment to me."

A forty-one year-old engine fitter; 9 hours, 40 marks: "If I am treated properly I like to work and to do so with full interest. Since I hold to the principle that you will be treated in accordance with the resistance you put up, I have earned respect as a worker also in my current job."

A forty-two year-old metalworker; 11 hours, 25 marks: "Imagine that for twenty-four years already you have taken a coffee mill every morning and turned it at piece-work pace between 11 and 13 hours a day, then you may be able to grasp how much interest I have in my work."

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