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How Metalworkers c. 1910 viewed their Work (1912)

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A forty-three year-old lathe operator; 9 1/2 hours, 28 marks: "The piece-work system makes the work agonizing, and one loses interest through the monotonous sameness year after year."

A forty-four year-old file-cutter [Feilenhauer]; 10 1/2 hours, 24 marks. "I am thoroughly sick and tired of it."

A forty-five year-old miller; 9 1/4 hours, 38 marks: "Only voluntary work would be enjoyable."

A forty-six year-old mould smith [Modellschlosser]; 9 1/2 hours, 36 marks: "I am always pleased if I succeed in finishing the jobs assigned to me, clean and fitting precisely, working from provided drawings. I find a certain satisfaction in this and have the feeling that I am doing my part in preserving and beautifying the whole."

A forty-seven year-old metalworker; 9 1/2 hours, 21 marks: "Oh, yes. But one should receive better treatment as a worker, and most bosses do not greet their workers in the morning and at noon when they enter the work room.”

A forty-eight year-old locksmith; 9 hours, 36 marks: "I have a lively interest in it because of its diversity. Monotonous work would be the most horrifying thing for me. I would do monotonous machine work only if you forced me to."

Pleasure in gainful work was felt by:
Indication of primary motivations

No indication of reasons If pay is good Only if work is varied Only if treatment is good Because the work is complicated

No interest in their gainful work was felt by:
Indication of primary motivations

No indication of reasons
Because the profit belongs to the capitalist
Because the work is monotonous
Because they are too dependent
Because wages are too low
Because it is dangerous to health

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