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Images - Germany at War, 1914-1918: Privation and Ferment on the Home Front
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1.   "Hold Out!": Postcard (1915)
Very soon after the start of the war, Germany’s food supply and distribution system began to deteriorate. Food imports that German Reich depended upon came to a halt. People had to make use of whatever....
2.   Food Rationing (1917)
During the war, the German government rationed foodstuffs, issuing ration cards for certain goods,....
Food Rationing (1917)
3.   Food Distribution by the Teltower War Provisions Management Society (1917)
Regulation of food production and distribution began soon after the outbreak of the war. At first, the only change was the introduction of price ceilings for foodstuffs (in order to prevent speculation).....
Food Distribution by the Teltower War Provisions Management Society  (1917)
4.   The Exalted Song of the Rutabaga (1917)
Rationing on the home front during the First World War introduced many households to inferior substitute foods. Turnips and rutabagas became symbolic of war-time shortages. Recipes and techniques....
The Exalted Song of the Rutabaga (1917)
5.   Free Children’s Food Program (1917)
The state of nutrition worsened during the course of the war in all belligerent countries. The German Reich was heavily dependent on food imports, which were stopped by the Allied blockade. Additionally,....
Free Children’s Food Program (1917)
6.   Weekly Rations (October 1918)
The German populace suffered from extensive deprivation during the war, as the British blockade....
Weekly Rations (October 1918)
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