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Excerpts from Hitler’s Speech before the first "Greater German Reichstag" (January 30, 1939)

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The German national state [Volksstaat] of today knows no social prejudices. For that reason, it also has no special social morality. It knows only the life laws and necessities that humans have arrived at through reason and understanding. [ . . . ]

The cohesiveness of the German national body [Volkskörper], whose guarantor you, my delegates, are and will be first and foremost, makes me certain that, whatever tasks our Volk will have to face, the National Socialist state will solve them sooner or later! That whatever difficulties may still await us, the vigor and courage of leadership will overcome them.

[ . . . ]

1. We are truly fighting an immense battle, applying all the unified power and energy of our Volk, and

2. We will win this fight completely; in fact, we have already won it!

Wherein lies the root cause of all our economic difficulties? In the overpopulation of our living space [Lebensraum]! And here I can present the gentlemen critics in the western and non-European democracies with one fact and one question. The fact: the German Volk lives with a ration of 135 people per square kilometer, without any outside help and without any of the reserves it once had. Plundered by the rest of the world for a decade and a half, burdened with immense debts, without colonies, it has nevertheless fed and clothed its people and, moreover, has no unemployment. And the question: which of our so-called great democracies would be able to accomplish as much? –

[ . . . ]

Of course, the person for whom bananas simply grow on trees has an easier struggle for existence than the German farmer, who must exert himself all year long to work his field.

Here, we would only ask that this carefree international banana-picker not criticize the activities of the German farmer.

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