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Theodor Fritsch to Wilhelm Marr on New Tactics for the Struggle against the Jews (1884-85)

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The way I picture the real Jewish character nowadays, it is impossible to accept him as a human being, because I can find no trace of any real human trait in him. I accept to some extent the theological Weltanschaung: God creates vermin as a challenge to man. Where dirt piles up vermin multiply, and to get rid of the tormenting vermin we have to remove the dirt and try to keep them away. In this way vermin become a motivation for purification and also the source of all cultural development and refinement. Distorted Jewish logic would at this point conclude that one must honour and cultivate the vermin as the ‘carriers of culture’. Undistorted human logic comes to another conclusion. Culture does not arise from the cultivation of vermin, but exists and consists in fighting them. Here you have my entire confession of faith: it is the mission of the Jews to torment humanity, and it is the mission of humanity to trample on the Jews.

It is no wonder that God gave the Jews a shape which closely resembles the human one. The Creator had no problem in using the usual vermin against animals and plants, but man is more sophisticated and knows how to defend himself against common parasites in various ways; so He needed a special sort of shrewd vermin in order to force man to exert his mental faculties to the utmost. God probably had to rack His brains for a long time looking for a solution but finally He invented the Jews: vermin disguised as human beings! This was certainly one of the meanest tricks God Almighty ever played on man. The present generation is not yet mature enough to understand this divine jape. But as long as man was not wise enough to grasp these things Providence provided him with another means to keep him from being misled: this was the divine instinct. In earlier times people felt instinctively that there was a clear distinction between the human being and the Jew, that in the Jew there was something false, something hostile that gave the lie to his outer appearance. Today this super-sophisticated generation has forfeited that little instinct, without acquiring however the wisdom with which to replace it, as I said before. There are today a small number who live by their instincts and they show more understanding of the Jewish problem that the ‘liberal’ and ‘enlightened’ men of reason.

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