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Antisemites’ Petition (1880-1881)

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If our nation is not to be consigned to economic servitude under the pressure of Jewish money power, if it is not to be consigned to national decadence one step at a time under the influence of Jewry's materialistic outlook, then measures to halt the Jewish hypertrophy are imperative. Nothing lies further from us than the desire to bring forth any kind of oppression of the Jewish nation. What we strive for is actually the emancipation of the German nation from a kind of alien domination that it cannot long tolerate. There is danger in delay.* Therefore, have we decided to approach Your Excellency with the most respectful petition:

Your Excellency, may your mighty influence in Prussia and Germany urge:

1. that the immigration of alien Jews be at least limited, if not completely prevented;

2. that the Jews be excluded from all positions of authority; that their employment in the judiciary – namely as autonomous judges – receive appropriate limitation;

3. that the Christian character of the primary school – even when attended by Jewish pupils – be strictly protected; that only Christian teachers be allowed in these schools and that in all other schools Jewish teachers be placed only in special and exceptional cases;

4. that a special census of the Jewish population be reinstituted.

[Petition Signatories:]

To the Imperial Chancellor, Prince von Bismarck, Your Excellency in Berlin
Dr. von Biarowsky, Dean, Erlangen.
Professor Dr. Brecher, Teacher at the War Academy in Berlin.
Otto Count Bredow-Görne, Appellate Legal Counsel, retired, and manor lord.
Breyther, Minister in Klein-Jena at Naumburg.
Baron Dr. Hans von Bülow, Director of the Ducal Court Chapel, Meiningen.
Dreyhaupt, Pastor in Saaleck.
Council of the Consistory Dr. A. Ebrard, Erlangen.
Gotthold Erhardt, Bookseller in Nuremberg.
Professor Dr. H. Fechner, Head Teacher at the Johannes Grammar School in Breslau.
Dr. Bernhard Förster, Charlottenburg.
Hapke, Preacher, Berlin.
Dr. Hans Jungfer, Grammar School Teacher, Berlin.
Kindermann, Royal Court Gardener, Babelsberg Palace.
Albert Knauer, Merchant, Berlin, Köpnickert Street 123. at the Kröcher-Vogtsbrügge.
Dr. of Medicine Krug, Court Counselor, Chemnitz.
I. Kühne, Master Bookbinder, Berlin, Kraut Street 7.
Ernst Lumpe, Locksmith, Berlin, Wilhelm Street 144 a.
Otto March, Government Master Builder, Charlottenburg.

* This line was meant to convey special importance to Bismarck. It is an exact translation from the Latin – Periculum in mora – which comprised the despatch summoning him to become prime minister of Prussia in 1862. [Footnote from Richard S. Levy, Antisemitism in the Modern World. An Anthology of Texts.]

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