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Martin Bormann’s Note on "Safeguarding the Future of the German People" (January 29, 1944)

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18. I have already mentioned above that any defamation of relationships which are desirable from the point of view of the nation should be prevented. Anyone who insults a woman who has children without a husband must be harshly punished. Anyone who opposes the encouragement of national needs—that will affect a number of clergy—must also be harshly punished.

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21. Very many women and girls would gladly have children, indeed many children, if they were sure that they would really be looked after for the whole of their lives. They don't want to have children and then, one day, because the father of these children dies, or becomes poor, or abandons them, to be left with their children dependent on the grace and mercy of some welfare institution.

22. It is clear that women who are employed and have children must be paid more and, moreover, that these women should be assigned flats appropriate to the number of people in the family.

23. After the war I want to build such flats for Party Chancellery personnel who have children in the Sonnenwinkel.
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24. The number of boarding schools [ . . . ] must be enormously increased so that all women who for whatever reason cannot bring up their children themselves without difficulties can send them to boarding schools. That applies to boys as well as girls. These boarding schools are also necessary because the best and most efficient men are mostly pretty wild in their youth and can hardly be controlled by their mothers on their own.

25. Furthermore, these women should not only send their children away to boarding schools when they reach school age but, in accordance with the Führer's directive, the NSV should, as has been previously emphasized, set up the best maternity homes in which the children should be brought up from babyhood to school age. This upbringing in these children's homes must be far better that it generally is in the bosom of the family. That is the great future task for the NSV.

26. For the sake of the future of our nation we must encourage a cult of motherhood and no distinction must be made between women who have been married in the traditional way and women who have children with a man to whom they are bound in friendship; all these mothers are to be honored equally (naturally this does not apply to those asocial elements who do not even know who is the father of their children).

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