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A Model "New Farmer" and his Family (September 1950)

This photograph shows a model citizen of the newly founded GDR, a so-called new farmer who is running for a seat in the People’s Parliament [Volkskammer]. Interestingly, the caption, which was written by the GDR news agency ADN, stressed that absolutely everything – including private and family life – had to be subordinated to the ultimate goal of building up of socialism.

The caption reads: “Alfons Sendrowsky, from Cunnersdorf, Saxony, a model new farmer, is running for the People’s Parliament. Alfons Sendrowsky, with his wife Hanna and his two children Reiner (six years old) and Wilfried (1-and-a-half years old). Mrs. Sendrowsky explains that she and the children see little of dad, who is always away from home a lot. But, in the end, he has a goal in sight, and in order to serve this goal, family happiness has to take a bit of a backseat.

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A Model "New Farmer" and his Family (September 1950)

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