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Advertisement for Lux Dishwashing Liquid from Stern Magazine (1959)

The gender roles that prevailed in the early years of the Federal Republic were based on the traditional conservative ideas propagated by Federal Minister of Family Affairs Franz-Josef Wuermeling: men were supposed to be the breadwinners, women were supposed to stay at home and tend to the children and the household. These gendered roles were reflected in and communicated by advertising. In this advertisement for dishwashing liquid, the housewife, identifiable by her apron, is apparently able to finish the dishes (naturally, her chore) in the blink of an eye thanks to Lux dishwashing soap. Her husband – who sits in an armchair and reads the paper – is happy about the time she has saved, time that she can now devote to him and their children. Photographer unknown.

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Advertisement for Lux Dishwashing Liquid from <i>Stern</i> Magazine (1959)

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