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Documents - Appraisals of the French Revolution
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1.   Joachim Heinrich Campe, "Letter from Paris, 1789," from Letters from Paris (1790)
Joachim Heinrich Campe (1746-1818), a prominent and peripatetic German writer and pedagogue, witnessed....
2.   Georg Forster, "Observations on [France's] New Communal Spirit," from Recollections from the Year 1790 (1793)
Georg Forster (1754-94) was an internationally renowned fellow traveler with Captain Cook, a linguist, ethnographer, and savant. He was the most eminent of the German intellectuals to commit himself....
3.   Friedrich Cotta, On the Constitution in France (ca. 1793)
Friedrich Cotta, a supporter of the pro-French revolutionary German republic in Mainz, describes the accomplishments of the French Revolution from the perspective of 1793, that is, after the proclamation....
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