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Proclamation of the Principles of Urban Planning by the Council of Ministers of the German Democratic Republic (September 15, 1950)

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7/ When a city is situated on a river, the river and the roads along its banks should form one of the chief arteries of the city and its architectural axis.

8/ Traffic must serve the city and its residents. It must not tear the city apart and must not be an impediment to the population.

Through-traffic must be removed from the center and the central district and must be directed outside of its boundaries or into a circular ring around the city.

Installations for freight transportation on railroads and waterways should likewise be removed from the central district of the city.

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9/ The face of the city, its individual cultural shape, is determined by squares, main streets, and the dominant buildings in the city center (in the largest cities by skyscrapers). Squares are the structural foundation for the planning of the city and its overall architectural composition.

10/ The residential areas consist of residential districts whose cores are the district centers. They should include all of the cultural, provisioning, and social institutions needed by the population in a given district.

The second link in the structure of the residential areas is the residential complex formed by a group of housing blocks united by gardens, schools, kindergartens, day-care centers, and provisioning installations that serve multiple housing blocks. Urban traffic must not be allowed within these residential complexes, but neither the residential complexes nor the residential districts should become closed-off, isolated structures. In their structure and planning, they are dependent on the structure and demands of the city as a whole.

Here, housing blocks, as the third link, basically have the same significance as complexes in planning and design.

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