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Lineage, War, Family – Michel von Ehenheim (1462/63-1518)

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Item, I was also dubbed by the authority of Bishop Lawrence of Würzburg, duke of Franconia. Two hundred years ago, he and his predecessors, as dukes of Franconia, were authorized by the Roman emperors and kings to create knights. He delegated this act to his auxiliary bishop, who had to sing Mass. He had to confer armor and sword, also helmet, shield, and lance on each man he dubbed and then dub him knight with his own sword. I, Michael von Ehenheim, was again dubbed knight on St. Dominick’s Day [5 August] 1505 in the Dominican convent at Würzburg.

Thereafter my gracious lord, Margrave Frederick of Brandenburg, placed the golden emblem of the Order of the Swan around my neck and took me, Michael von Ehenheim, into his grace and commanded me to wear it my whole life as a knight and as a knightly man, and in the manner of his princely grace and others of the society according to the precepts of a book given to me by the society’s secretary. This happened in the year 1512, in William Schenck von Limpurg’s court, in the presence of his princely grace’s two sons, the cathedral provost of Würzburg, and his brother, Margrave John of Brandenburg. At that time, I, Michael von Ehenheim resided with my wife and children at Würzburg, where I was then a judge in the territorial court and had been for nearly ten years. May God give long life with joy! [ . . . ]


In the year after Our Lord’s birth 1502, on Sunday before Tiburtius [7 August], during the night, I, Michael von Ehenheim, knight, consummated my marriage with Margaretha von Kollenn. Early in the morning we had gone to church with my lords and good friends, and then we were married in Arnolt von Ehenheim’s house. And when the wedding was over, I went to Wallmerspach, where I lived for four years. Thereafter I went to serve at the prince-bishop’s court in Würzburg, for which service I received fifty gulden a year, as did each of my companions – seven noblemen altogether – as is traditional. The following are our children.

In 1503 our daughter Anna was born on Saturday after New Year’s Day [7 January], about eight o’clock in the evening, and she was baptized at Wallmerspach. Her godmother, the daughter of old Dietrich, is named Anna.

Further we had together a son, Sebastian, who was baptized at Wallmerspach; he lived only ten hours.

Further we had a daughter, Katherina, who was baptized at Wallmerspach; she lived thirteen days.

In 1506 our daughter, Barbara, was born on Resurrection Day [21 May], early in the morning between one and two o’clock. She was baptized in St. Peter’s church at Würzburg. Her godmother, Barbara Spenerin, then kept the inn Zum Rebstock.

In 1507 our son, Iringius, was born on Friday after St. Luke’s Day [22 October], between five and six o’clock in the morning at the hour of Jupiter. The planet of the day was Venus. He was baptized in St. Peter’s church at Würzburg, and his godfather, who raised him from the font, was Balthasar Wurtzburger, citizen and quartermaster of Würzburg. I named this son Iringius after the farmer at Ehenheim who donated 350 Hufen [of land] to the cathedral chapter and the New Minster.

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