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Proclamation by the Central Committee of the German Communist Party (June 11, 1945)

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6. The expropriation of all property belonging to Nazi bigwigs [Nazibonzen] and war criminals. The transfer of this property into the hands of the people for use by communal or provincial organs of self-government.

7. The liquidation of the large landholdings and large estates of the Junker, counts, and princes; the transfer of all land and property as well as all livestock and non-living inventory to the provincial or state administrations for allocation to farmers who were ruined by this war and left with nothing. These measures, of course, will in no way affect the property and the economic enterprise of big farmers.

8. The transfer of all enterprises that provide essential public needs (transportation, water, gas, electricity, etc.), as well as all enterprises abandoned by their owners, to the organs of self-government of the communities, provinces or states.

9. Peaceful and neighborly coexistence with other nations. A decisive break with the policy of aggression and violence toward other peoples, the politics of conquest and plunder.

10. Acknowledgement of the duty we have to repair the damage done to other nations as a result of Hitler’s aggression. Fair allocation of the associated burdens among the various segments of the population in accordance with the principle that the wealthy must carry a heavier burden.

Workers in the city and countryside! These are the most important, the most pressing tasks for the rebuilding of Germany, for the rebirth of our people. These tasks can only be carried out through the firm unity of all anti-fascist, democratic, and progressive forces.

Having realized the magnitude of the catastrophe and the disastrous consequences of their former division in the face of Nazism and reaction, the people in cities and the countryside increasingly yearn for unity. In accordance with the will of the people, the dividers and saboteurs of unity must not be allowed to continue their treacherous work. In order to completely liquidate Nazism and construct a new democratic Germany, we must create a strong unity among democrats!

The Central Committee of the Communist Party believes that this action program can serve as the basis for the creation of a block of anti-fascist democratic parties (the Communist Party, the Social Democratic Party, the Center Party, and others). We believe that such a block can provide a solid foundation for efforts to completely eliminate the last vestiges of the Hitler regime and to build up a democratic regime.

A new page has been turned in the history of the German people. New insights are forcing their way forward from the lessons of Germany’s collapse.

We declare: firm unity, a resolute struggle, and a determined effort guarantee that our just cause will be successful! Let us march forward, holding our heads high! Let us begin the task with all our strength! For then, out of destitution and death, out of ruins and disgrace, freedom for our people and a new life of dignity will arise!

Source: Aufruf des Zentralkomitees vom 11. Juni 1945 [Proclamation by the Central Committee, June 11, 1945], reprinted in Ossip Kurt Flechtheim, Die Parteien der Bundesrepublik Deutschland [The Parties of the Federal Republic of Germany]. Hamburg, 1973, pp. 292-99.

Translation: Thomas Dunlap

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