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The Association of German Students: Leipzig Students Remember the First Ten Years (1881-1891)

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6. Oh no, my dears, Schöbel was shouting
Do not stay over there
For it gives me awful grief
That I must see you with those chaps,
Dangerous fellows all of them!

7. If your advantage you desire to keep,
Called out Flesch, do not forsake me!
Naïve and simple German Michels they are,
I myself, however, am a clever child
Born of the chosen people!

8. They quarreled till hunger set in;
And finally proceeded to voting;
And oh, how our Burkhardt and
our Bauer won the day so splendidly!
And just how great the joy from this result!

9. One student, though, his name was Schmidt
Thought to himself: The little mouse shall bite you
If you ever obtain this office again,
For anyone who is out once
Will never join the board again.

One fellow student did not see that battle through to the end, since he had moved to Berlin in the meantime; but it would be unjust to omit his name now when our champions of the founding years of the V. D. St. are being praised. The student in question is Diederich Hahn, by far the most important speaker to arise from our midst in those days. This blond German youth had something Siegfried-like about him – not an imposing build, but brightness of character. And how he managed, through the enthusiastic power of his effortless words, to cast a spell over his listeners!

Source: Dr. Alwin Schmidt, “Aus den ersten Jahren des V.D.St. zu Leipzig” [“From the First Years of the Association of German Students in Leipzig”], in DStv! 50 Jahre Verein Deutscher Studenten zu Leipzig 1881-1931 [German Students’ Association! 50 Years of the Association of German Students in Leipzig 1881-1931]. Leipzig: Verlag des A.H.-Bundes des V. Dt. St. Leipzig e.V., n.d. [cc. 1931], pp. 46-49.

Translation: Erwin Fink

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