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"Patriotic Enlightenment" (May 10, 1917)

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Brochures and pamphlets have also proved to be good media for enlightenment, since with their enlightening statements they reach circles who read newspapers very irregularly, if at all. The Corps Command is happy to deliver brochures (which should be illustrated whenever possible) free of charge when they are needed, and it is accepting suggestions and advice in this regard. Still, one will need to guard against producing too much, because otherwise the danger exists that the brochures will not receive the attention they need. Brochures should not come out of the blue. They are only legitimate if they originate in response to an urgent, pressing need.


If speakers and the topic of the lecture are chosen correctly, the spoken word (if possible in conjunction with authentic visual presentations), are presently the most effective means of enlightenment. The Corps Command is at work recruiting well-known and proven speakers, whose names can be supplied to voluntary associations, official agencies, etc., and who can be made available in case these organizations encounter difficulties in finding qualified speakers on their own. In general, however, it is preferable to recruit personalities who are familiar with local conditions and who enjoy the trust of their fellow citizens.


Speakers can also have slides made available for their lectures. These may be obtained either from the Enlightenment Office of the Corps Command or through the Image and Film Office [Bild- und Filmamt] in Berlin, Zimmerstrasse 72/74. The Corps Command asks to be informed as early as possible about requests for speakers, including information about the desired topic and when and where the lecture is to take place. If authorities, voluntary associations, etc., have access to speakers who seem to be particularly qualified to speak outside their local area, we would like to know, so the men in question can be put onto the list of speakers that is kept here. The Corps Command will cover the costs for speakers whom it supplies.


Films, too, can serve effectively the purposes of enlightenment. There are film theaters in almost all the larger provincial towns, in which suitable special showings for clubs, schools, etc., can take place from time to time. Enlightenment films, with an introductory lecture, can likewise be obtained from the Corps Command at no cost.

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