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"Patriotic Enlightenment" (May 10, 1917)

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Means to the End.

In order to achieve this important goal, all the sectors of the population, all officials, and private organizations must work together in unison, setting aside all political, economic or confessional antagonisms. In the course of the war, extraordinarily laudable enlightenment work has been accomplished by the voluntary efforts of private organizations, official agencies, voluntary associations, trade unions, and particularly by the press, the clergy, and the schools. We do not intend in the future to hinder this commendable private activity in any way. The Corps Command is indeed convinced that the primary effect of enlightenment activity is due to the initiative, zeal, and patriotism of individuals.

Cooperation. Reporting to the Corps Command.

However, when so many institutions participate in the enlightenment effort, the danger exists that the work will not be coordinated, so in places the same work will be done twice, while other areas are not worked through at all. The Corps Command requests therefore that it be kept informed of private enlightenment efforts. In order to direct enlightenment in a timely and suitable way, it must be kept informed of the mood in the various parts of the land: it therefore seems desirable that the Corps Command be kept up to date about morale and about special incidents, particularly about rumors that might give alarm.

On the other hand, the Corps Command would like to grant its support and patronage to all existing and proven organizations within the corps district, especially by providing suitable enlightenment material, and, when needed, by sending speakers. In any case, close contact between the various organizations that are active in enlightenment work and the Enlightenment Office of the Corps Command is very desirable.

Enlightenment Materials, the Press.

In the first place, the press offers suitable material for enlightenment; from the beginning of the war, the Press Office of the Corps Command has attempted to exploit it for purposes of enlightenment, and the conferences with representatives of the press, which have taken place from time to time, are being constantly made more substantial and comprehensive.

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