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Bulletins from the Front II (1918)

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2. Freiburger Tagblatt, No. 85, March 26, 1918:

WTB [Wolff Telegraph Service], General Headquarters, March 26. In the continuation of the “Great Battle” in France, our troops have achieved new successes. English divisions and French troops brought up from Flanders and Italy attacked desperately. They were beaten back!

[ . . . ]

Since the beginning of the battle, 93 enemy planes and 6 air balloons have been shot down. Captain Freiherr von Richthofen achieved his 67th and 68th victories in the air, Lieutenant Bongartz his 22nd, First Lieutenant Loerzer his 24th, Vice Seargent Baeumer his 23rd, Lieutenant Kroll his 22rd, and Lieutenant Thuy his 20th.

The number of captured artillery pieces has risen to 963. More than 100 tanks lie in captured positions.

3. Freiburger Tagblatt, No. 100, April 11, 1918:

WTB [Wolff Telegraph Service], General Headquarters, April 11. Yesterday, the attack was continued on an even broader front. The troops of General Sixt von Arnim took Hollebeke and the adjacent first English line to the south. They stormed the heights of Meesen (Messines) and held these heights against strong enemy counterattacks. To the south of Waasten (Warneton), they advanced up to the border of the Ploegsteert Forest and reached the road connecting Ploegsteert and Armentieres.

The army of General von Quast crossed over the Lys at a number of points between Armentieres and Lys and is engaged in battle with English troops who have recently been brought up to the north bank of the river. To the south of Estaires, our battles have brought us to the Lowe and the area northeast of Bethune.

The number of prisoners taken has risen to well over 10,000 – among them one Portuguese general.

4. Freiburger Tagblatt, No. 106, April 17, 1918:

WTB [Wolff Telegraph Service], General Headquarters, April 17. On the blood-soaked battlefields of last year’s Flanders battle, General von Sixt’s army took Paschendaele and is pushing forward to Becelaere and Gheluvelt.

5. Freiburger Tagblatt, No. 146, May 28, 1918:

WTB [Wolff Telegraph Service], General Headquarters, May 28. The army of General von Boehn has stormed the Chemin des Dames. This elongated ridge – where the great French breakthrough attempts of early 1917 were shattered, and which we cleared last fall for strategic reasons – is once again in our hands.

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