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Bulletins from the Front II (1918)

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10. Freiburger Tagblatt, No. 232, August 22, 1918

WTB [Wolff Telegraph Service], General Headquarters, August 21. Yesterday the English began a major new offensive to the south of Arras. English army corps and New Zealanders were employed in a deep formation to the south of Moyeville and the Ancre in the direction of Bapaume. The English cavalry stood behind the front ready for battle. Supported by a strong artillery fire and hundreds of tanks, the enemy’s infantry attacked on a front approximately twenty kilometers wide. Their first rush collapsed in front of our battle positions. In local counterattacks, we took back portions of the strips of land that had been left to the enemy according to plan. The enemy continued with heavy attacks throughout the day. Their focal point was the wing of the field of attack. They were turned back completely and suffered heavy losses.

11. Freiburger Tagblatt, No. 247, September 6, 1918

WTB [Wolff Telegraph Service], General Headquarters, September 6. Exploratory divisions of the enemy, who were feeling their way forward between Ypres and La Bassee and advanced north of Lens amidst heavy firing, were turned back. In the evening, Hessian troops turned back numerous enemy attacks between Kloegseert and Armentieres. In so doing, they took more than 100 prisoners. There was a successful push forward into the English trenches near Hulluch.

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To the east of Soissons, the enemy has followed across the Vesle. Our infantry divisions and artillery held him up for a long time and the enemy suffered losses. Heavy attacks by the Americans on the heights to the northwest of Fismes were fended off.

12. Freiburger Tagblatt, No. 310, November 8, 1918

WTB [Wolff Telegraph Service], General Headquarters, November 8, 1918. The French, who had gained a footing again on the eastern bank of the Schelde to the northeast of Oudengarde, were beat back across the river in a counterattack. Last night, we carried out additional planned movements between the Schelde and the Maas. In front of our new lines rearguard battles developed; they assumed considerable size to the south of the road from Valenciennes to Mons, on the Sambre, to the north of Avesnes, and on the Maas heights to the southwest of Sedan. Everywhere these battles ended with the warding off of the enemy. In the evening, the enemy stood east of Bavai – to the north of Avesnes – to the east of La Capelle – to the southwest of Hirson – to the south of Signy-l’Abbaye, near Poix Terron and on the Maas heights to the southwest of Sedan. To the east of the Maas there were minor battles in the forest to the west of Brandeville.

Translation: Jeffrey Verhey

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