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Reclam’s Universal Library (1911)
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Universal Library
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Reclam’s Universe
has achieved the greatest distribution among all educated circles, both at home and abroad, on account of its manifoldly diverse content and elegant appearance. Wherever there is interest in literature and art and in the great questions of our time, Reclam’s Universe is a welcome weekly guest.

Catalogue and sample issue available for free!

[Poster; Dimensions: 76 x 48 cm. Appropriate for posting and display.]

Source: Dietrich Bode, ed., Reclam: Daten, Bilder und Dokumente zur Verlagsgeschichte, 1828-2003 [Reclam: Dates, Pictures and Documents on the History of the Publishing House]. Stuttgart, 2003, pp. 74-75.

Translation: Richard Petit

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