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Reclam’s Universal Library (1911)
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The Model C space-saving Reclam bookcase [shown above in closed position] consists entirely of shelves contained in a three-part, side-by-side arrangement, such that one part forms the central, fixed portion of the case, while the other two parts are attached with reinforced hinges to either side of the central portion, thereby forming a double-winged door. The two movable side-wing cases run on rollers, under which iron tracks (or a strip of sheet metal) must be attached to the floor. The whole case should be fastened to the wall. The orderly arrangement of volumes, as well as their selection, is made extremely easy through the use of the Model C bookcase, which is copyright-protected through the D.R.G.M. All three parts of this case are highly attractive and accessible, and allow the public to view the Universal Library in its imposing magnitude in the best, most advantageous manner. The acquisition costs are quickly defrayed through increased sales and the extraordinary space-saving effects of this bookcase.

Model A: 200 cm high; 103 cm wide; 50 cm deep; holds 8200.
In birch, stained
Price: Mk. 130.—

Model B: 150 cm high; 103 cm wide; 50 cm deep; holds 6000.
In birch, stained
Price: Mk. 100.—

Model C: 229 cm high; 100 cm wide; 37 cm deep; holds 7400.
In birch, stained
Price: Mk. 90.—

Prices are calculated on the basis of shipment from Leipzig, without packing, which costs an extra 5 Mk. per bookcase.

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