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Joint Communiqué by Erich Honecker and Helmut Kohl (September 8, 1987)

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General Secretary Honecker and Chancellor Kohl discussed humanitarian questions, including reuniting families and solving hardship cases. They paid tribute to positive gains, and agreed to resume appropriate efforts in a constructive manner. [ . . . ]

General Secretary Honecker and Chancellor Kohl made it clear that they attach great importance to protecting the natural foundations of human life. They assessed the conclusion of the agreement on the future shape of relations in the area of environmental protection as an expression of the will to deepen cooperation in this area. [ . . . ]

They welcomed the conclusion of the agreement on cooperation in the fields of science and technology and agreed, on this basis, to intensify relations to their mutual advantage via contacts between scientists and research institutions within the scope of specific projects.

General Secretary Honecker and Chancellor Kohl underlined the great importance of comprehensive, factual reporting by the press, radio, and television for the further development of neighborly relations. Accordingly, both sides are granting journalists the greatest possible support in pursuing their occupation.

General Secretary and Federal Chancellor Kohl paid tribute to the cultural agreement of May 6, 1986, which serves the development of cultural relations and has led to a clear increase in cultural exchange. They emphasized their intention to continue cooperating determinedly on the basis of this agreement, and to incorporate additional areas. Plans for 1988-89 have been basically approved. [ . . . ]

General Secretary Honecker and Chancellor Kohl were pleased to note that, on the whole, economic relations between the two states have developed positively over the last several years. They view trade as the most important stabilizing element in overall relations and declared their interest in the continuous expansion of economic cooperation on the basis of equality and mutual advantage, including small and medium-sized businesses. They affirmed their intention to continue to improve trade structures, and to put more effort into the exchange of capital goods, especially products in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering, and in energy and environmental technology. Both sides underlined the importance of cooperation with outside markets.
[ . . . ]

General Secretary Honecker and Chancellor Kohl discussed international developments. Aware that different social systems exist in the two states and that they belong to different alliances, they presented their views on the status and prospects of East-West relations.

They testified to their willingness, within the framework of their alliances, to work toward a policy of détente and peace, to advance the dialogue, and enter into long-term cooperation.

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