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Dr. Angela Astoria Kurtz
Ph.D., Modern European History, University of Maryland at College Park, 2004
M.A., International Relations & Economics, Johns Hopkins University, 1985
B.S., Comparative and Regional Studies (Europe), School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University, 1983

Publications and Book Reviews:
"A Quiet Land: Reflections on Dictatorship in East Germany," in Dimensions of German Unification, ed., A. Bradley Shingleton, et. al. Boulder: Westview Press, 1995.

Review: Klaus Petersen, Zensur in der Weimarer Republik (Stuttgart; Weimar: J. B. Metzlar Verlag, 1995), in German Studies Review (May 1997; vol. XX; no. 2).

Review: Martin Kane, Socialism and the Literary Imagination: Essays on East German Writers (Providence; Oxford: Berg Publishers, 1991), in German Studies Review (Oct. 1994; vol. 17; no. 3).

"When U.S.-Soviet Relations Cooled,” The Washington Times (23. September 1986). Review: Fraser Harbutt, The Iron Curtain: Churchill, America, and the Cold War (Oxford, 1986).

Primary Research Interests:
European intellectual history of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, focusing on the contentious battles between the champions of the great “ism’s” (Kantianism, Idealism, Romanticism, Rationalism, Positivism, and Materialism). Her work explores the often impassioned debates surrounding what German intellectuals saw as the implications of “modernity” (e.g., Darwinian evolutionary theory, scientific advance, industrialization, and urbanization) for traditional morality, ethics, and faith.