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1.   Philipp Otto Runge, The Hülsenbeck Children (1805-06)
In an age that witnessed both dwindling institutional patronage and a rising bourgeois art market, many artists viewed portraiture as their bread and butter. For the Romantic artist, however, a portrait....
Philipp Otto Runge, <I>The Hülsenbeck Children</i> (1805-06)
2.   Bettina von Arnim (c. 1809)
In 1806, the young Bettina von Arnim (née Brentano) (1785-1859) became acquainted with the mother of Johann....
Bettina von Arnim (c. 1809)
3.   Clemens Brentano (1st Half of the Nineteenth Century)
Along with Achim von Arnim (1781-1831), writer Clemens Brentano (1778-1842) was one of the leading....
Clemens Brentano (1st Half of the Nineteenth Century)
4.   Philipp Otto Runge, Small Morning (1808)
Philipp Otto Runge’s (1777-1810) Small Morning [Der kleine Morgen] – part of an incomplete four-part cycle called the Times of Day [Tageszeiten] – is perhaps the oddest....
Philipp Otto Runge, <I>Small Morning</i> (1808)
5.   Friedrich Overbeck, Portrait of the Painter Franz Pforr (c. 1810)
Both the painter of this portrait, Friedrich Overbeck (1789-1869), and its subject, Franz Pforr (1788-1812), were founding members of the Brotherhood of St. Luke, a group of six Vienna Academy students....
Friedrich Overbeck, <I>Portrait of the Painter Franz Pforr</i> (c. 1810)
6.   Friedrich Overbeck, Italia and Germania (1811-28)
In 1810, around the same time that Friedrich Overbeck (1789-1869) painted a portrait of his close friend and fellow Nazarene ....
Friedrich Overbeck, <I>Italia and Germania</i> (1811-28)
7.   Joseph Anton Koch, Schmadribach Waterfall in Lauterbrunnen Valley (1811)
During the Romantic era, landscape painting gained increasing respect as a pictorial genre equal in importance to historical and religious painting. Joseph Anton Koch (1786-1839) was heir to a long....
Joseph Anton Koch, <I>Schmadribach Waterfall in Lauterbrunnen Valley</i> (1811)
8.   Karl Friedrich Schinkel, Gothic Cathedral (1811)
Although Karl Friedrich Schinkel is perhaps best known as the architect who remade Berlin in the neoclassical....
Karl Friedrich Schinkel, <I>Gothic Cathedral</i> (1811)
9.   Georg Friedrich Kersting, On Outpost Duty (1815)
In its theoretical and aesthetic concerns, German Romanticism differed markedly from its French and British counterparts. One common theme, however, united much European artistic production during....
Georg Friedrich Kersting, <I>On Outpost Duty</i> (1815)
10.   Friedrich Karl Wilhelm von Schlegel (1816)
Portrait of the writer, philosopher, poet, and literary critic Friedrich Karl Wilhelm von Schlegel (1772-1829), a leading representative of Early Romanticism. Together with his brother, August....
Friedrich Karl Wilhelm von Schlegel (1816)
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