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From Der Mensch und die Sonne [Man and Sunlight] by Hans Surén (1925)

Hans Surén’s (1885-1972) book Der Mensch und die Sonne (1925) went through sixty-one printings in just one year and sold 250,000 copies. In 1927, it was translated into English as Man and Sunlight. The book combined trite philosophy, clichéd romanticism, and melodramatic prose to present sunlight, nudity, and health as the path to happiness, both individually and collectively as a Volk. Surén’s cult of the body, with its militaristic hues, had supporters from all across the political spectrum. He was eventually hired to reform the Reichwehr’s sports and physical-education programs, and he joined the NSDAP in 1933.

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From <I>Der Mensch und die Sonne</i> [<i>Man and Sunlight</i>] by Hans Surén (1925)

Hans Surén, Der Mensch und die Sonne. Stuttgart: Dieck & Co., 1925.