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Sketch of an East German Border Fortification (1984)

East Germany strengthened its border fortifications in response to ongoing flight attempts. The original barbed wire barrier was replaced by a massive concrete wall that was supplemented by control towers, flood lights, car tracks, guard dogs, spring guns, and an electric fence.

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English key:
1) Concrete wall with or without pipe on top
2) Metal latticework fence
3) Checkpoint area
4) Lighting system
5) Anti-vehicle trench
6) Line marking the front boundary of the border patrol
7) Column track
8) Wire run for guard-dogs
9) Signal or warning light
10) Observation tower
11) Electric fence

Source: "Skizze einer Grenzanlage in Berlin" [“Sketch of a Border Fortification in Berlin“] Presse- und Informationsamt des Senats von Berlin [Press and Information Office of the Berlin Senate], 1984.

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