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Documents - Jewish Life
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1.   Population by Religious Denomination (1910-1939)

2.   The Economic and Social Status of the Jewish Population (1933 and 1939)

3.   Thomas Mann on the "Jewish Question" (1921)

4.   Emil Schorsch on his Duties as a Rabbi in Hannover (Retrospective Account, 1975)

5.   Gershom Scholem on Zionism (July 30, 1921)
Zionism assumed various forms in Germany, with different groups and individuals emphasizing political, cultural, religious (the Mizrachi movement), or practical Zionism. Additionally, Germany hosted....
6.   Gershom Scholem on the Science of Judaism [Wissenschaft des Judentums] (Retrospective Account, 1977)
A major goal of the nineteenth-century founders of the science of Judaism [Wissenschaft des Judentums] was to demonstrate Judaism’s great cultural significance and to promote Jewish emancipation,....
7.   Gershom Scholem on his Brother Werner (Retrospective Account, 1977)
Arthur and Betty Scholem’s four sons testify to the range of political inclinations among German Jews. Reinhold, the oldest (1891-1985), was a member of the national liberal German People’s Party....
8.   Gershom Scholem on his Decision to Emigrate in 1923 (Retrospective Account, 1977)
The vast majority of the 564,400 Jews living in Germany in 1925 had liberal attitudes and were well represented by the Central Association of German Citizens of the Jewish Faith [Centralverein....
9.   Betty Scholem on Anti-Semitism in Berlin (November 20, 1923)
In the crisis-ridden years after World War I, anti-Semitic attacks were carried out in many cities in Germany. During the period of hyperinflation, some of these attacks escalated into pogrom-like....
10.   Emil Fackenheim Recalls His Childhood and Youth in Halle, 1916-1933 (Retrospective Account)

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