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11.   Students by Discipline and Chosen Major (1928 and 1936/37)

12.   Friedrich von Bodelschwingh, Lecture in L├╝beck on Questions Relating to Eugenics (1929)
In this 1929 lecture, Protestant theologian and public health advocate Friedrich von Bodelschwingh....
13.   Hans Harmsen, "Contemporary Questions of Eugenics" (1931)
Hans Harmsen (1899-1989), a physician known for advocating eugenics, examined the issue of public welfare from the perspective of racial hygiene. This 1931 speech was the opening address at a conference....
14.   Lex Zwickau (1924) and Responses to It (January 1932)
In 1923, Gustav Boeters (1869-1942), a medical officer in Zwickau, revealed that he and other surgeons had been sterilizing the mentally handicapped without their consent. Seeking legal sanction....
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