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Lectures Offered by the Women’s Education Association in Leipzig (1865-1884)

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II. 1867-68 expansion of Sunday school to evening classes:

Classes in:

German Geography Drafting
English Math Needlework
French Commerce Singing

1867-68: 25 Evening entertainment events or Sunday entertainment events:


Auguste Schmidt:
1. Nibelungenlied,
2. Gudrun,
3. the relationship between women’s practical and ideal duties,
4. Herder’s Cid,
5. the Paris World Exposition,
6. Otto I,
7. the history of German music up to Weber,
8. Egmont and the secession of the Netherlands,
9. The Sudeten Mountains,
10. Andreas Hofer,
11. Wieland’s Oberon;

Henriette Goldschmidt:
12., 13. 14. On the position of women in different nations;

Louise Otto-Peters:
15. striving for beauty
16. the genius of the household,
17. idealism and realism;

Miss Hilscher:
18. Goethe’s mother,
19. Charlotte von Schiller,
20. [Wilhem] Tell;

Thekla Spann:
21. Maria Stuart,
22. Walther von der Vogelweide;

and others:
23. the freedom that I mean,
24. the meaning of the feast of St. John the Baptist,
25. Marie Antoinette.

Total earnings for the year
(Leipzig Women's Education Association): 246 thalers.

Source: Neue Bahnen [New Paths] no. 13 (1868): pp. 45-46.

Original German texts reprinted in Margrit Twellmann, Die Deutsche Frauenbewegung im Spiegel repräsentativer Frauenzeitschriften. Ihre Anfänge und erste Entwicklung [The German Women’s Movement as Reflected in Representative Women's Journals: Its Beginnings and Initial Development], 2 vols., vol. 2, Quellen 1843-1889 [Sources 1843-1889]. Meisenheim am Glan: A. Hain, 1972, p. 456.

Translation: Erwin Fink

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