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Forgery in Favor of Territorial Sovereignty – Privilegium Maius (1358/59)

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[16] The Duke of Austria shall have authority to dispose freely of his lands, to give them or transfer them to whomever he will in the case, which God forbid, that he should die childless. And the Empire may not hinder him in this.

[17] Further, the aforesaid Duchy of Austria shall have each and every right, liberty, and guarantee known to be possessed by other Imperial principalities.

[18] We also desire that, when the circles and regions of this duchy are expanded through inheritances, gifts, purchases, acquisitions, or in any other way, the aforesaid rights, liberties, and guarantees shall be fully possessed by the additions to the aforementioned principality of Austria.

And so that this, Our Imperial mandate, shall remain legally in force and incontestable forever, We have had it prepared in writing and sealed with Our seal.* –

[ . . . ]

Signed by Lord Frederick, the invincible Roman Emperor. I, Chancellor Rainald, representing the Archbishop of Mainz and Imperial Chancellor, have authenticated this document. Given at Regensburg on September 17, in the fourth indiction, in the year of the birth of Our Lord 1156, in the reign of Lord Frederick, Roman Emperor and ever Conserver of the Empire, with Christ's blessing. Amen. In the fifth year of his royal, and the second year of his Imperial, reign.

* There follow the names of the witnesses, Imperial archbishops, bishops, princes, and counts – trans.

Source of original Latin text and German translation thereof: Lorenz Weinrich, ed., Quellen zur Verfassungsgeschichte des Römisch-Deutschen Reiches im Spätmittelalter (1250-1500). Darmstadt: WBG, 1983, pp. 394-403.

Translation: Thomas A. Brady Jr.

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